Banniere Music Maison-Hotes Marrakech THE-SOURCE



With an ambition of encouraging musical talent to perform, we want to propose more than just an experience, but a place to initiate an adventure. We created several quality concert areas in our “Residence”, place where the inspiration seekers will indulge and will embrace their creativity.
For the professionals our futur recording-studio will offer the possibility to become a legend.

Live Stage

A place where music rules, live concerts are a part of our identity. Artists can express themselves at their best to an audience by doing what they love most, live  their passion. An oasis of notes, a kingdom of riffs… Join to experience moments with us, listening to the performers who sing and play their visions of the world, and if you are lucky enough, perhaps to attend our weekly jam-sessions, a moment to cherish, to memorize for ever.


Electro or smooth jazz or…  “The Source” produces many events all along the year.  The «International Oasis Festival» and many other privileged moments attended by the happy few from all over the world. And soon to come… our own festival! Do keep in touch…

Recording Studio

The year 2018 marks the start of a new era, featuring our brand-new recording studio… accessible to independent artists or production labels. Every musician will have the opportunity to create his own tribute to the world… in total harmony, discretion and tranquility