Banniere Music Maison-Hotes Marrakech THE-SOURCE



With the ambition to encourage talented musicians to produce and perform, a number of spaces totally designed for quality concerts are available in the heart of the residence. Amateur music lovers will be able to let inspiration feed their creativity. For professionals, a large recording studio is in progress.

Live Stage

Since The Source’s amphitheater resonates with live concerts, unplugged or solos, so that the musicians diffuse their passion of the music, for the greatest pleasure of the listeners, which will thus be able to find themselves enjoying a jam session or a privileged moment of composition. Weekly theme nights, such as Sunset Live, create magical moments of celebration, relaxation and sharing.


Whether electro or acoustic, The Source hosts cutting-edge events such as the internationally renowned Oasis Festival, private and confidential scenes for the happy few, and soon its own festival. Stay tuned.

Recording Studio

In 2019, from independent artists to production labels, every musician will be able to enjoy a professional recording studio in a setting conducive to creation, relaxation and discretion. Soon on air.

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